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About Degroot Mosaic Creations
When the owners of Pams Mosaic Creations sat down to start this business we sat down to start a business that was not only to be here today but with a future in mind. As with all businesses we started this business to fill a need for the consumer and in turn receive a fair profit. What we saw in the Mosaic Tile inlay industry was two fold. Most of the mass produced spray glazed companies sell to local and national distributors who in turn raise the price, sell to pool contractors who then raise the price again (often above manufactures suggested retail price) to you the pool owner. This is not the case at Mosaic Tile Inc. We buy Mosaic Ceramic Tile, directly from the manufacture Degroot Mosaic Creations. We will never sell at a price that exceeds Degroot Mosaic Creations suggested retail price for Mosaic Ceramic Pool Tile. As a matter of fact each and every day we have items that sell at below that retail price for Mosaic Ceramic Swimming Pool Tile. This goes back to prove that we are looking operate this business into the future. We do indeed want to earn a profit, but a fair profit. We believe that we sell a quality product at a fair price. This is what the consumer wants and as we continue to do this we will be able to earn a fair profit.

With a fair price comes a quality product. Degroot Mosaic Creations has been making quality mosaics for over 50 years. Degoot Mosaic Creations still makes mosaic tile the same way that they did in 1955. They start with wet clay, mold each piece by hand, brush glaze, kiln fire and glue piece by piece each and every tile that makes up the whole Mosaic Ceramic Tile inlay. Each piece is seen by human eyes and handled by hands of skilled craftsman. The major reason we sell only Mosaics by Degroot Mosaic Creations is because of the precision quality, handcrafted detail that is not seen by any other mosaic manufacture. The point here is that Degroot Mosaic Creations will provide unmatched customer service.
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